Understanding how customers think can help businesses boost their performance.

We at the emrc aim to address pressing questions of businesses and help them make informed decisions to ensure their sustainable growth and profitability. To do so we employ cutting edge technologies and a deep understanding of the Iranian market that has been cultivated in the past two decades

Monitoring all the Tv Ads over the 15 years has given us a tool to help you measure your Ad Campaign effectiveness and to monitor your competitors.

With having the most experienced professional team in Data Analysis, we give you your market insights widen as 24 cities in Iran.

What We DO

A member of the dnaunion family, the emrc is a market research agency. We have a practical approach to market research. Boosting sustainable growth and profitability of our partners and customers is high on our agenda. While adhering to international business and research standards we strive to empower our customers to develop informed data-driven strategies.

The emrc monitors and analyzes consumer behavior, distribution and retail network, and advertising trends. The cultivated data is used to provide customers with valuable insights into Iran market in the form of standardized reports. The reports enable customers devise efficient short- and long-term strategies.

analyse market, customer behaviour and business owners

Identify your brand image and your position in the competitive market

Analyse the market share and market share of different brands

When and where and how many times to advertise.