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EMRC is a full-service market research company founded in 1999. The company provides full research services in different aspects such as quantitative and qualitative research, desk research, media and advertising tracking, retail audit &… covering vast geographical areas of Iran. EMRC, as a sole agent of Kantar media in Iran, has been developing most significant usage and attitude survey (by the name of TGi) for more than 10 years and monitored advertising activities in media (under the name of Ad*X) since 2002 as well. Retail audit department, by launching X*POS product, is conducted the retail surveys in FMCG with the highest coverage level over 4 years in Iran. EMRC, will be lunched TAM in 2016 under the license of KANTAR MEDIA in Iran for 1s time in country. Ad-hoc researches for a variety of industries in Iran and nearby countries (quantitative & qualitative) are delivered by customized research department. In 2012, the company joined WIN association and became its sole member in Iran.

EMRC Receives ISO9001 Standard Award

Emrooz Market Research (EMRC), one of the leading companies in market research in Iran, has ...

New Beauty Care Study in the MENA Region

Beauty Care is one of the fastest developing markets around the world and representing about ...

The Magic Box That’s Ruling Our Lives

Iranian housewives spend more than 4 hours a day watching television.

Whats the first ...

EMRC Attends 69th WIN/Gallup International Conference

EMRC Attends 69th WIN/Gallup International Conference

The high importance of market research in today’s ...

Annual TGi Conference: Towards Further Growth, Solidarity

With due regard to the speed of market developments and consumers’ attitude implementation of longitudinal ...

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