Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis is focused on organized data gathering. This method is used for understanding customer behavior, gauging market share, and studying the possibility of customer retention. For delivering reliable results massive sets of data are gathered and analyzed by the emrc.

Applications :

  • Measure brand Health
  • Measure Brand Value using BAV
  • Lifestyle analyse
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Product Test
  • Analysing Price Range by PSM
  • Analysing Brand Image


  • CAPI
  • CATI
  • Online
  • CLT
  • IHUT


  • how much people know my brand?
  • have the advertising been effective?
  • has brand awareness changed after the ad campaign?
  • has the advertising campaign been interesting to people?
  • what brands do people buy?
  • Measuring your brand health?
  • what is the best price range for my brand?