Media and Advertising

Through what medium and how intense should you advertise? This is one of the most important questions that advertising directors need to respond to. Using cutting-edge technologies, up-to-date marketing methods, and smart solutions, the emrc enables you to find the correct answer to these questions and more

Ad*X provides users with deep insights into market developments by:

  • Monitoring nationwide expenditure on advertisement
  • Gauging the competition
  • Monitoring trends and developments

Ma*X is a quantitative assessment method for gauging the impact of TV commercials. Using the method, the emrc compares TV audience habits with TVCs’ air-time. It also determines whether an ad has reached its intended audience and how effective it has been.

Ma*X monitors all TVCs aired and determines whether TV commercial campaigns are implemented properly. Furthermore, it enables specialists to monitor the latest industry developments and trends.

Data gathered via Ma*X enables specialists to predict the effectiveness of ad campaigns while studying rivals’ operations.

Ma*X also measures Opportunity to See (OTS) which is a measure in advertising media that denotes the number of times the viewer is most likely to see an ad. It also scopes return on marketing investment while determining whether a specific TVC has helped the brand stand out among rivals. Together the data is used to help companies enhance their advertising strategy and boost the aforementioned metrics.

A continuously survey which analyses and identify the consumer behavior in different channels, this data helps us to understand a deep knowledge about target audience.


To understand the detail of consumer usage pattern from media

To identify the media effectiveness

Consumer behavior in digital marketing

Identify the Consumer avatar

Reaching to the right consumer in the right place

Reaching to the right consumer at the right time

X*Trim is a television audience measurement method. The assessment method can be used for quantifying and qualifying the television impact of TVCs on the audience. The method—used since 1990—has evolved over time.

Providing reliable TV audience information, X*Trim enables specialists to evaluate and maximize the effectiveness of investment made in advertising. It also facilitates the decision-making process when developing advertising campaigns while ensuring that the campaign is cost-effective and impactful.


This qualitative research is a tool to analyze the deep understanding of a ad campaign in consumer mind.

With this method, you will have the big picture and a detailed analysis about a campaign and its main pillars in consumer mind.


Checking the alignment of brief with the brand identity and brand strategy

Helping the customer to pick the right pitch or suggested ad campaign for their brand

Pre test of an advertising campaign bsed on idea, story board before the production

On-going test of an ad-campaign while the ad campaign is running

Post evaluation of the ad-campaign and identify the effect on consumers